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Instagram Monetisation And How To Dry Your Eyes

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What an absolute outrage! How DARE Instagram change their terms of service. I can’t believe a business like Facebook could possibly try and monetise something so successful. Well, I for one am definitely going to delete my account, then probably write a stern letter to my local member of parliament.

…Said lots of people today when mass-outrage flooded our social feeds and news readers. Oh the travesty. Oh woe is me. Now all those “amazing” photos I took with Instagram, those veritable masterpieces, those absolute wonders of modern photography will be sold off to the highest bidder!

Who are you kidding? Do you HONESTLY think that Facebook gives two single hoots about your photos and selling them?

Amusingly, they’ve stated outright “Nothing has changed about your photos’ ownership or who can see them.” not to mention the fact that all the crap you post on Facebook is already sold on to the highest bidder already. Why not delete your Facebook page too?

Sure, if you use Instagram you’ll get some ads or something, but hey, what’s new? How often do you manage to escape being advertised to? Surely we’re all big enough and ugly enough to deal with a bit of advertising these days? Facebook ads haven’t ruined us. People still flock to the platform to post the most excruciatingly mundane drivel regardless. Not only do people still flock to Facebook, but the changes should apparently make it easier to integrate the platforms and share your god-awful pseudo-photos with even more unfortunate sods.

I dare say the addition of advertising, and the monetisation of Instagram will make precisely zero difference to most. In fact, aside from the prissy little-miss-worry-pants among us wetting their knickers, and having wee tantrums about it, it’ll still be a guff-fuelled quagmire of sub-standard photo-based tosh anyway.

The mass hysteria calling this a “suicide note” is laughable. Surely we all knew Facebook was going out of fashion anyway? We’ve been over this! Talk about over-reaction. To Facebook’s credit, I think they were stupid not to do this earlier, and would you really rather pay for the Instagram service? It was free for goodness sake.

Bottom line is, how about you just deal with it. Big business is always going to mess you about. Complaining about it like a toddler who’s had their toy trains confiscated is going to get you precisely nowhere (yes. I see the irony here. Thank you). Hows about we all just forget this and get on with far more important things, like writing useless blog posts about terms of service updates?

This post was originally written for the QueryClick blog.

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