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I Built Myself A Standing Desk. Here’s How.

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Last weekend I put on my manliest man-clothes, brushed up my chest-hair so it stuck out the top of my manliest shirt collar, put on my manliest man-face, thought deep, manly things about making stuff out of wood and nails, and I got my girlfriend to drive me down to the hardware store.

Strutting up and down the isles of the warehouse like I knew exactly what I was looking for, I stumbled haphazardly upon some decent looking bits of wood. “These will do” I thought as I jovially lobbed them in the trolley.

“Now I need some brackets. Can you ask the assistant man where the brackets are please love?” I asked my not manly girlfriend. I live in Latvia, so while I struggle to learn the language at the moment, my girlfriend has to do the talking. She tries not to emasculate me in the process, although it’s tough not to feel stripped of some dignity when you can’t even ask for your own brackets in the hardware store.

“They’re over here Alex” she called.

“I knew they would be!” I boomed, boastfully as I proudly strode towards the brackets isle.

After blindly fishing for brackets that would probably fit the bill, I grabbed some screws, had a quick wander round and left the store having started something I was most definitely going to have to finish now.

I was making a standing-desk.

Well, I say, standing desk. I have a regular sitting desk already, so I was making an addition to that to allow me to stand at it, while giving me the flexibility to sit if I needed to.

The plans were largely in my head. I was winging it at best. Here’s a rough plan of what I did:


Turns out though, if you hack away at something enough with a saw, a hammer and some screws – you can just about make something worth using! The trick is to get some good hardware-style gloves, and keep your toolbox open while occasionally stopping to wipe the sweat from your brow.

Anything is possible with a good toolbox.

I had three bits of wood. One for the two sides/legs, one for the top and one as a brace to run along the back, to stop the whole thing swaying left and right.

The legs piece was sawn in half by hand, the back brace was shortened by the width of the legs (so it fit snugly inside) and I used four brackets to hold the parts in place once they were cut and sanded.

The braces alone needed a bit of support, so I ran 4 screws through the top into the corners of the legs, and with some left-over furniture pads smacked on the underside, I was good to go.

Less than half a day’s work, and I had created this beauty (pictured above)!

I’m going to keep track of how well I get on with using the desk. I’m going to see how long I do standing and how long I take sitting down. Will give it a week or two then try and report back on the success of the project.

I may have just unknowingly built a bedside table instead.

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