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Chasing Trends

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I’ve been getting a bit irked lately at the amount of guff kicking around on the net concerning both “flat” and “skeuomorphic” design trends. Posts littered with reasons why one is better than the other, or what the benefits or drawbacks of each are and so on.

Why is it that some of the design community is obsessed with chasing and defining these trends? Why do we all have to be privy to the next big shift in visual style? Is it even a shift?

It bothers me that some of us get caught up in the minutia of whether something is following the aesthetics of a particular trend or not.

Shouldn’t we all have our own style to a degree? Shouldn’t we all be working on design that is relevant to the job, instead of over-analysing whether we’re going to be using a certain trend or not?

We’re missing the point people. Good design is neither flat, nor skeuomorphic. Those elements are irrelevant. Is it effective? Is it relevant? Does it work in context? Does it communicate? Does it tell a story? These are the things we should be questioning.

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