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What I think of Riga’s shitty logo competition entries

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So, Riga recently embarrassed itself with the infinitely bright idea of running a logo competition.

For the entire city – yep. I know. I don’t even know where to start.

Anyway – the entries are in, and the shortlist of 8 has been selected, and as predicted it’s pretty much the most awful thing on the internet today.

Here’s the rundown…


Is that a mouse with a bleeding artery, or some sort of rat with a big tongue?

The tagline says “The city where paths cross”. Like, paths in Adobe Illustrator, or?

How is that, in any way, represented by this giant bleeding rodent?


Points for creepy-doll-in-the-doorway negative space on this one. Also, bonus points for the free typeface usage.

The tagline says “real city…”

The ellipsis is there, because further down the image, cropped off the bottom, it says “…real shitty”.



It doesn’t matter what size you make it or if you make it monochrome – that’s a hashtag and just about the worst typeface I’ve EVER seen.

The horrible stretching of the tagline, oh god… I can’t even.

“Uniting people”

Yeah… People who like to run competitions and people with shit ideas.



“Riga – Ancient and modern” – to be honest, that tagline’s not bad – but isn’t it about time we stopped doing stuff with those traditional folk patterns?

I get it – it looks a bit like a rooster – problem is, it also looks like a fucking mess. Red or black.

Also, all the squares make it look like it’s been zoomed in unintentionally.


Here we go – it was only a matter of time before somebody stuck a fucking love-heart in there.

Where would a city logo be without a love-heart.

Tagline: “In my heart” – duh.

As in: “there’s a bird in my heart”?


“notiek” means “happening” or “going on” – so apparently what’s “happening” is children are drawing stars and being allowed to enter competitions.


And the award for most original logo goes to this one.

Excellent use of keys with smiley faces in them. Keys and city logos. I’m surprised there’s not a heart in there.

Particularly great use of entirely irrelevant cross-hatch shading on the circle.

This tagline says “open”. because, you know… keys. Open. Obviously.

Can’t unsee the smiley faces in the keys though.


Riga 2.0.

Probably the best of the bunch if I’m honest – I get it – the map marker things, the odd R shape, the mental tail on the g, the a that looks like an o.

Rigo. people meet here

“People: meat here” more like.

Well, that’s that.

Basically garbage.

I’m really glad Riga City Council has been forward thinking enough to run such an excellent competition.

Not only has it proven to be an international embarrassment – we’ll all have to stare at one of these dysmal logos for the next few years, every time we go into the city.

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