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The New MySpace

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Please oh please can we start waving goodbye to Facebook? Remember I wrote an article on how Facebook was the new MySpace? Well in a fantastic table-turn (The New) MySpace looks like it might end up being the new Facebook.

I don’t know quite what to make of it yet merely based on a video that looks like it’s set in some sort of dystopian airport-future. Basically MySpace exists in a place where everyone is forced to smile, take perfect photos of themselves and listen to only Justin Timberlake (coincidence? I doubt it).

The design looks like a team of trendy Windows designers had a go at proper social networking, and if I’m honest, aside from looking pretty slick – I can see it being the slowest website on the internet within seconds of opening up to the public. Watch the entire internet ground to a halt as users clamour to upload all of their Drake music videos to their profile, to express their individuality.

I do quite like the holding page where you can dispense yet another email address to social media in return for a try-hard-trendy video background of a silent turntable on constant loop, combined with a brainwash-style subtle flash of the MySpace logo periodically.

I will be signing up – if only to see what all the fuss is going to be about.

Colour me excited.

This post was originally written for the QueryClick blog.

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