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Free Stock Photos – Batch 01 – Ableton Push, Speaker and Music Production Studio

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As a designer, I use a tonne of photos. I’m often hunting for a particular type of image, and it’s amazing how rarely I seem to find exactly what I’m looking for.

Since I have a camera, sometimes it’s easier to take my own, giving me the freedom to play with layouts, arrange elements and create exactly the right set-up.

As a music producer, I recently bought myself a stack of new kit. An Ableton Push controller, a new Macbook Pro and a few other bits and pieces.

Since I often struggle for images and royalty free photos of music equipment, I thought I’d take a batch of my own and put them here for free download.

Stock Photo Examples

Batch 01 – Ableton Push, Speaker and Music Production Studio

A selection of 40 photos, all 3000x2000px.

These are mostly my Push controller, some shots of Ableton Live on my Mac, and one or two feature my keyboard, and speakers.

You can download the photos here (zip file – 28Mb)

These photos are provided under a Creative Commons licence. Also, feel free to┬ásend me a wee note and let me know how or where you used them. I’d love to see!

I’d like to do more in future, so that I can build up a nice set of resources for people. If you have any suggestions for future photos, let me know.

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