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Snow In The Meadows

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Noise and Productivity

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Only moments ago (edit: I wrote this a week or two ago now) I read Guy Routledge‘s post “Noise Is Golden” and it dawned on me that I practised something very similar.

His post explains his enjoyment of listening to noise (white, pink and brown) while working to effect concentration levels. He also goes on to recommend an app for that very thing. Top stuff.

I’d like to take it a step further though – well actually, I’d like to take a sidestep somewhat. Guy says:

“I’m not talking about some kind of modern music that the hipster kids are into, I mean static”

I’d like to promote the benefits of the modern music type of noise variety, for those who like a subtle beat or melody in their noise.

I’ve always sung the benefits of dub-techno as a genre for working to, and although some people I’ve known in the past view it as “that shit that sounds like you’re in an air vent?” there have also been those who agree and empathise with my appreciation of the genre.

So if you feel like you need a bit of dub-techno in your life, then here are some of my recommendations:


Berlin-based Sven Scheinhammer has been producing for a long time now, and as influenced as he may be by the likes of Basic Channel, he also attributes his production techniques to something similar to meditation. I think it shows, especially in his earlier work, such as his album “Unusual Signals” – easily one of my top albums of all time.


Rod Modell (a great dub-techno producer in his own right) and Mike Schommer joined forces for Deepchord, and three or four albums down now, you can hear why it’s a great combination. Lots to choose from. And on a similar note:


Once again Rod Modell, but with Stephen Hitchell / Soultek this time. Well worth checking at the very least “The Coldest Season” album.

Giriu Dvasios

Three albums down now, and “The Spirit Of The Woods” (translation) is going strong. All three albums mix dub-techno on both the dub side and the techno side of things, so there’s more of a range of sounds to be had, but definitely still great for concentration.

Mr Cloudy

Where do you even start with this guy – he’s prolific to say the very least and has so many excellent albums. You could spend days listening to his work alone, and it’s something I never tire of. Definitely one of my favourite producers these days.

These producers should all be fair jumping off points, and there are hundreds more producers doing similar things, from heavier (DaDub’s latest album perhaps) to more ambient (bvdub tends to work less with beats) but ultimately it’s the music that I find it easiest to work to.


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