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The Birth Of A New Blog

/ Thoughts & Opinion

Some stat-monger somewhere recently farted out some hot air about there being a new blog created every half a second or something daft like that.

I dare say that’s not particularly far off the mark. Basically everyone and their ring-piece has got one, and we’re all prattling largely worthless words and pictures in to the ether on a regular basis.

As the clock ticked over to January 1st 2013, In the haze of that basement club surrounded by drunkards splashing alcohol in to every orifice with reckless abandon, I thought to myself “You know what… I could do with another blog. There’s definitely not enough about me on the internet (MOAR PICTURES FTW!), and all the websites I create, and operate just don’t reach far and wide enough to substantially fuel my ego. Not only that, but I need somewhere suitable to collate, to curate, and to essentially put my boring, rubbishy, worthless thoughts down, so they’re available for all to see.”

And so very recently Not Horrendous (dot com) was unmercifully discharged into the web.

Incepted from a passing two-word comment/review (and resulting in-joke) I had made some time last year. My good friend Robbie seemed rather tickled by the phrase, and so when my 29th birthday rolled round in August of 2012, the good man (and thorough) hooked a brother up with this domain name. A lengthy saga of mental torment, and a long list of failed suggestions later, and out plopped this blog.

Not Horrendous should, with any luck become some sort of repository for my articles, as well as somewhere for me to dispense my thoughts, both random and perhaps considered. I’d like to put forward opinions, my feelings on stuff, and I’d also like to try and provide insight in some way. Sharing of tutorials, advice, resources, processes and lessons learned.

All the good stuff basically. All the stuff that makes the tip of your design-dong somewhat moist with anticipation.

Oh, and it’ll probably be a bit rude.

So hook yourself up with my RSS feed, or stick your precious email address in the box here and I’ll try not to piss you off too much with my incessant barking.

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