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Alex’s Copenhagen Recommendations

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Since living in the Danish capital for a year, I have become some sort of encyclopaedic modern-day flâneur who knows about all the best stuff to do in Copenhagen, because you know… I spent loads of time there and what the hell have I been doing if it’s not trying every restaurant, and visiting every tourist trap around, right?

So, since I’ve spent the best part of the time I lived there either at work, or crying myself to sleep over how expensive everything is, here’s my rundown of some stuff in Copenhagen which you may or may not want to bother with.

Eat & Drink

Copenhagen Street Food / Papiroen

Like a big warehouse-based shanty-town of amazing food and drink. Worth checking out just for the vibe. Hard to beat a sunny evening on “Paper Island” with a bit of grub and a pint from this place. There’s something for everyone here. Especially those who like food trucks and queues. EDIT: THis has moved but is apparently still as awesome.

Cocks n Cows

My favourite burger joint in Copenhagen. “Ze Brazil” is my top pick, with twisty fries and the blue-cheese cream dip. They also do my favourite beer Schiøtz Gylden IPA.

Halifax Burger

A close second to Cocks n Cows, with a good selection of burgers, and personally I like that they’ll do my burger “rare” if I ask.


Easily my favourite pizza spot in CPH. First discovered with my brother the first time I visited the city, and I’ve been back countless times now. Big fan of the “Gorm’s Hottie”.


A fairly central very nice food market where you can eat, drink and buy expensive produce! Amazing just to wander round, but also great if you want some fresh lunch or need some tea, spices, coffee, cheese, whatever really. Not far from Nørreport Station, and they have a Gorm’s!

Nights Out


Any of the Mikeller locations are going to be on-point for beer in Copenhagen. I’m a big fan of Warpigs, in the Kødbyen (meatpacking) area of Vesterbro, it’s big and they do an amazing macaroni cheese. All the Mikeller bars have a rotating selection of craft beers on tap.


A beautiful venue, with a huge range of great bookings. Check what’s on and go enjoy an amazing gig! I recommend gigs in Lille Vega (smaller venue) if you can, it’s a bit more intimate.


Illums Bolighus

If you’re in the centre, then it’s worth going in to Illums Bolighus just to see the amazing homeware and Scandinavian design, but be prepared to spend a ton if you want to buy anything!


Just round the corner is Stilleben – check upstairs for some nice prints.


In Vesterbro, there’s a typography shop. What other city has this?!

Hay House

On the 2nd and 3rd floors at Østergade 61 is Hay House, one of the stores and showrooms for Danish brand HAY. Homewares and designey objects again. Expensive, but interesting and they have the market bit which is more on the affordable range.

Hipshops has a great list of stores and a map for those who want more suggestions.

Museums & Galleries


If you want a nice trip up the coast, visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It’s possible to get a combo ticket for the museum and train from Copenhagen central station, and it’s a cool gallery to visit if you’re in to modern art. Both the exhibitions and the building itself are impressive.


In Frederiksberg (basically just an area in Copenhagen, but technically another city – whatever), there’s meant to be a good gallery called Cisternerne which is some old water reservoir beneath the city where they have exhibitions and events. Probably worth a look.

As for the rest of the city: No idea. They’re all meant to be pretty good. Pick one, I’m sure it’ll be decent.

Parks And Outdoors

Frederiksberg Have

There’s a lovely park in Frederiksberg called “Frederiksberg Have” – basically Frederiksberg Gardens – well kept, and worth a wander round. At the right times there are loads of herons, geese and ducks just kicking about.

Bike Rental

Pretty much everywhere does bike rental. Hotels, shops, specific rental places and there are even the white “GoBikes” that you will see dotted about. I recommend sorting a bike for your trip, so you can get the most out of the city.

Other Stuff


Copenhagen’s theme park within a city. Well worth checking out for a day at least. There’s food and drink, rides, and shows (like, music shows and theatre and such). Plenty to fill a day with, but I recommend getting the entry ticket and a band for the rides, then just spend your day on the handful of rollercoasters!

Copenhagen Boat Rental

Skip the over-priced and slower GoBoats (unless you want the picnic bench and a rudder-steer boat) and head towards Fisketorvet, where you’ll find this smaller boat rental outfit. They have slightly faster boats, with steering wheels (not rudders) and they’re a bit cheaper to rent for an hour or two.

I’ve done this twice now and it’s great fun!

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